Team Formation for FPGA Competition

Looking to join a team? Post here with your skill set, what you’re looking for in a team member, and contact information to find partners for the FPGA competition.

Hi everyone,

Jay here. Columbia SEAS '17. In my past life I was an Electrical Engineering major with a focus in Integrated Circuits. Now I deal with Blockchain stuff. Looking for team member(s) for the FPGA competition.

Skill set
RTL, logic synthesis, verification, HDL (e.g. Verilog), procedural programming (e.g. Go)

Github (p.s. I use mostly private repos)

Hi all,

I am Jean-Pierre a design verification engineer and blockchain enthusiast, running my own beacon chain on Prysmatic testnet.
Extensive experience in mixed-signal circuit debug, and modeling (verilog, SystemVerilog). Major in electronics, integrated circuit. I am a fast learner, and excellent team player, can make a difference for having in your team :wink:
Linkedin :


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Hii guys,
I am an IT engineer and a blockchain enthusiast. I would like to be a member of special team to solve given verifiable delay function.

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